AMD's latest generation Ryzen CPUs will be supported under Windows 7

AMD has announced that its Ryzen CPUs will be supported under Windows 7. This is different from Intel who previously announced that its latest generation Kaby Lake CPUs will only be supported in Windows 10.

AMD made the announcement during an information session about its latest CPU platform, according to the German website Computerbase.

Because Microsoft will only support Ryzen generation processors in Windows 10, AMD will have to develop its own drivers to support the new CPUs in Windows 7.  The company will also provide drivers for Windows 8.1

It's not new that Microsoft doesn't support new CPU generations in Windows 7, the software giant also only officially supports Intel latest generation (Kaby Lake) CPUs in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Users running Windows 7 who want to upgrade their CPU are therefore forced to switch to Microsoft's latest OS.

According to Statcounter, more than 40% of all desktop computers are still running Windows 7 while Windows 10 powers about 25% of all desktop machines.

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