Android antivirus apps very effective against malware

Malicious Android applications are no party for mobile virus scanners. They are detected and stopped in most cases, according to a test of German antivirus research organisation AV-Test which tested 31 different scanners. The mobile anti malware scanners were tested with 2928 malicious apps that were discovered four weeks before the test took place.


On average the scanners detected 97.6% of the malware. Only Jarviz Mobile Security scored low with a detection rate of 51.2%. The other 30 virus scanners all detected more than 94% of the malware, 19 scanners even detected 100%. Besides detection of malware, AV-Test also tested for false positives. On both downloads from Google Play and unofficial app stores the scanners performed very well.

Each scanner was tested with 2955 legitimate apps which caused in total only 7 "false positives" which means the scanner marked a legitimate apps as malware. The 31 antivirus apps could each score a maximum of 13 points for detection of malware, false positives and additional security features. Sixteen apps got the maximum score, only Jarviz scored below the 10 points with a 6.5.

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