BitTorrent removes BitCoin miner from uTorrent installer

BitTorrent has decided to release a new version of uTorrent to make clear to users of the torrent client that the controversial Bitcoin miner has been removed from the installer.


Version 3.4.1 of uTorrent was bundled with the Epic Scale miner. This tool uses idle CPU time to mine crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Users complained that in some cases the Epic Scale miner was installed without permission and that it was hard to remove it. Another complaint was that computer performance decreased noticeably when the miner was active.

After a lot of criticism BitTorrent apologized and decided to remove the miner from the uTorrent installer. Because the software company didn’t change the version number there was some confusion on which version was safe to download for users that didn’t want the Epic Scale miner. Therefore BitTorrent has released uTorrent 3.4.2 that comes without any miner components.

The company hopes this way to clear up the confusion on the controversial module. BitTorrent warns there might still be versions of uTorrent on the web that contain the Epic Scale miner, users are therefore recommended to only download the client from the official BitTorrent site.