BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce cars contain security loophole

BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce cars with the ConnectedDrive system contain a security loophole, according to the German automobile club ADAC. ConnectedDrive is a series of smart features built into BMW manufactured cars which connect to the internet using a SIM card. About 2.2 million cars worldwide are fitted with the system and vulnerable.
The cars make use of a private network which appears to be hackable. The vulnerability allows hackers to use a mobile phone to unlock doors, to read e-mails, to follow the car and to access collected car data without leaving any trace.
The vulnerability was discovered by the German automobile club which wanted to investigate which data was exactly send to the BMW network. BMW claims the vulnerability will be remotely patched tomorrow, BMW car owners therefor don't have to go to a garage to solve the issue.

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