Developer installs Windows 10 on unsupported smartphones

A developer has found a way to install Windows 10 on Windows Phone smartphones that aren’t supported by Microsoft yet. Users interested in installing Windows 10 on their not officially supported phone can download an app and an adapted root certificate.


A manual to install Windows 10 on the devices has been published on the XDA Developers Forum. The trick is developed by user RustyGrom and works with FiddlerCore to intercept traffic to the Microsoft servers. On the user side a specially developed Windows app has to be installed while on the smartphone an adapted root certificate is required.

The alternative method to install Windows 10 has only been tested on the Lumia 1520 so far. However, the method likely also works for other models with possibly some small customisations. In the forum topic on there are several tricks to assist users in case the method fails.

The Technical Preview of Windows 10 for smartphones was released last Thursday. For now the software can only be installed on a limited amount of Lumia smartphones. Especially on high-end smartphones it’s not yet possible to install Windows 10 officially.

According to Microsoft that is caused by the partition size of the operating system. For some smartphones this first has to be adapted in order to make space for Windows 10. The Windows 10 installer currently doesn’t support that.

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