DRAMeXchange: SSDs will be more expensive the coming months

Market research company DRAMeXchange today announced that SSD prices will continue to increase in the fourth quarter of this year due to a shortage of NAND memory. Compared to the previous quarter, prices of mainstream SSD with either MLC or TLC NAND for PC OEMs are estimated to increase with 6-10% and 6-9% respectively.


Also in the first quarter of next year it's expected that prices of SSDs will continue to climb. The reason is that most 3D-NAND supplier suffer from complications caused by the switch from traditional planar NAND. Only Samsung is a positive exception, the company appears to have the switch to 3D-NAND relative easy, DRAMeXchange reports.

"Furthermore, the consensus of leading suppliers will continue to be the maximizing of their profitability. Therefore, contract prices of mainstream SSDs are expected to keep climbing during the period," the market researcher adds.

In previous years the prices of SSDs mainly went down, especially due to the move from the more expensive MLC NAND to the less expensive TLC NAND. The latter is also expected to be in the majority of mainstream SSDs shipped the coming years.

Despite the expected climbing prices the coming time, demand from OEMs in SSD continues to grow, this year it's expected that 30% of all new laptops worldwide will be shipped with a SSD inside, by 2018 that should be more than 50%.

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