Exclusive: Android 4.4 Kitkat build KRS74D found in Chrome source

The bugtracker of the Chrome browser reveals Android Kitkat / Key Lime Pie build KRS74B running on a Nexus 10 and Nexus 4. Two days ago a Google developer reported a bug while running Chrome on a Nexus 10 with Android version: ' mantaray-userdebug KLP KRS74D'.  The same build number but ending with a B was used in another bug report five days earlier. One bug is about stalling video after a seek on a Youtube video the other bug about severe flickering while scrolling.



The build number KRS74D likely means that it is Kitkat / Key Lime Pie  (K’) builds from the primary development branch ('R'). Made in  the third quarter of this year ('S’) and the final number is x-th day in the quarter, in this case 74. The final character remarks the build of the day, the D is the fourth build of that day.

Google recently announced the upcoming Android release would be called Kitkat, it will do a joint promotion with Nestlé the manufacturer of the Kitkat candy bars. Previously the version was known as Key Lime Pie. The upcoming version will likely be Android 4.4 instead of the expected Android 5.0 release. So far it's unclear what improvements and new features Google will add to the upcoming Android release.

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