Exclusive: Findings in the Nexus 5 log we wanted to share

In the Nexus 5 log we obtained we found more details we just had to share, Bluetooth Password, Bluetooth Authenticator and  Bluetooth Proximity . Since we've obtained the log we've tried to serve the Android community by teaming up with authority sites. We wanted to make sure nothing would remain a secret. While we think we covered most, there are some things left we feel we have to share.

To protect ourselves from sometimes hostile responses from others, we are indeed no Android experts, we take pride in bringing the best possible solid state disk (SSD), hard disk (HDD) and flash memory reviews to the web. Our main interest is the computer hardware  that is currently speeding up lots of computers around the world, SSDs. We are proud that our reviews are often applauded to the best on the web. So we hope you'll think about us when you're in the market for a SSD.


That said,  we've tried to serve the Android community as much we could.  We felt the log contained too much privacy sensitive information, not only e-mail addresses, but also Wifi networks, mobile networks, GPS locations and much more. To be more specific, it shows geofence locations, hotel and airport and even school WiFi networks, MAC addresses, private media servers and more.

Therefore we've published parts of the log, heavily watermarked to get some credit for our work.  To verify it's authenticity we've released the log to some trusted websites.  On request we are willing to release specific parts of the log if anyone is interested which we will make sure will be 100% anonymized.

Before we go back reporting on our favorite subjects again, we thought there were still some things we felt we should publish. As we're not experts they might not be interesting, in that case either comment on this story what they are or you can simply ignore it. If it is interesting we eagerly await your comments.


The first screenshot we posted pretty much gave it away already, Android Kitkat will support authentication over Bluetooth. Besides the screenshot we also found more traces in the log, see the image below.


Another Bluetooth feature we found in the log is a Bluetooth Password Vault. This feature constantly appears in the neighbourhood of "com.karamba.bpv" where the .bpv likely is the abbreviation for Bluetooth Password Vault. It appears to be a password management tool over Bluetooth.



And that's not all Bluetooth, we also found references to Bluetooth LE and close to it a references to NearbyBeaconReceiver.


We don't know what it will be, but since Apple's iOS also has something called iBeacons we found it worth mentioning.

Anyway, we're back to reporting on computer storage but we won't hesitate to publish about Android if we find something interesting again.

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