Google asks American Firefox users to switch back from Yahoo

After Yahoo became the default search engine for American Firefox users, Google is trying to win them back. As soon as American Firefox users visit Google they receive as message asking them whether they want to use Google as their default search engine and start page.


The first message argues users can get faster to Google when they’ve configured Firefox to use Google as the default search engine.  The search engine also asks frequent visitors of its site whether they want to Google to become their start page. Earlier this week Google also tweeted an explanation to Firefox users on how they can change (back) their default search engine and startpage to Google.

Google has been the default search engine in Firefox for the last couple of year but Mozilla recently decided to not renew the contract with the search giant.  For American users Yahoo now is the default search engine, which in its turn showed messages on its site calling for Internet Explorer and Chrome visitors to switch to Firefox.

In December Google lost 2.1% of its market share but still accounted for 75.2% for all searchers, according to research company StatCounter, the lowest market share since the company started to measure. Thanks to the deal, Yahoo saw its market share grow from 8.6% to 10.4%.