Google Chrome for Android to get morning magazine ‘Morning Reads’

The developers of Google Chrome appear to be working on a ‘Morning Reads’ feature for the browser that will at least come to Android. In the bug tracker of Chromium, the open-source project on which Chrome is based, we find many references to ‘zine’ (likely an abbreviation for magazine) and ‘morning reads’. This is a service that fetches content where an user is most likely interested in to start the day. The Morning Reads will be displayed on the ‘New Tab Page’ (NTP).


Although the entries are in the Chromium bugtracker, it seems a Google developer is using it to track the development of this new feature. One issue describes a service that schedules the ‘fetching of snippets’, another issue is about personalisation.

In another issue the Google developer describes how the feature will fetch content in a smart way, e.g. only at specific times, when the device is sufficiently charged and when it’s most likely the user will read the New Tab Page.

Articles can be dismissed by swiping them away and it appears there will be a ‘preview carrousel’.

It’s unclear whether the ‘Morning Reads’ feature will only come to Chrome on Android, the majority of the issues list Google’s mobile operating system but some also say ‘All Operating Systems’.