Google to Release New Map Feature for COVID-19 Resources in India

As the number of COVID-19 incidents in India remains high, silicon valley is stepping in to help citizens find vaccines, oxygen, and reliable statistics.

Google declared on May 10, 2021 that it has revamped Search in India to display data about the COVID-19 vaccine and its enrollment. In the wake of the huge COVID-19 outbreak, the latest functionality in the Maps framework helps users to see shared local statistics on bed availability and medical oxygen in specific areas.


Google has also mentioned that it has aided non-profit organizations such as GiveIndia, Charities Assist Foundation India, GOONJ, and the United Way of Mumbai in their fundraising efforts. The statement is part of the digital giant's plans to aid humanitarian efforts as the pandemic's devastating second wave approaches.

New Map Feature for COVID-19 Resources in India

In a blog post, Google stated, "We know that some of the most crucial information people are searching for is the availability of hospital beds and access to medical oxygen. To help them find answers more easily, we’re testing a new feature using the Q&A function in Maps that enables people to ask about and share local information on the availability of beds and medical oxygen in select locations. As this will be user-generated content and not provided by authorized sources, it may be required to verify the accuracy and freshness of the information before utilizing it."


In addition, the firm is launching projects to fight disinformation. Google can present information about the safety of vaccines, effectiveness, and health consequences if a consumer looks for vaccine information. It will also provide people with updates about how to apply for the shot and link them to Co-Win, an Indian website that assists people in signing up for vaccines.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in India rises, facilities around the country are running out of medical oxygen and beds. People searching for oxygen tubes, hospital wards, plasma donors, and respirators are making SOS calls on social media.

Google's teams are focusing on three target areas, according to the company: guaranteeing that citizens have access to the most up-to-date and trustworthy data; intensifying critical protection and vaccine messages; and giving support to impacted populations, health departments, and other organizations.


Aside from providing vaccination alerts and guidance via Google Search, Google has also developed a YouTube playlist of reliable info on vaccinations, coronavirus prevention, and details from professionals on COVID-19 treatment. The YouTube India platform has these playlists available.

Google Search and Google Maps are also ready to share the coordinates of over 23,000 vaccine clinics across the country. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare provides this knowledge in English as well as eight Indian languages. Google has previously shown knowledge about 2,500 research centers around the world.

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