How to use Telegram in your browser - Whatsapp alternative on PC

Since Facebook recently acquired Whatsapp, many users found an alternative in Telegram. This open source messaging application with almost the same functionality as Whatsapp,  has one big advantage over Whatsapp, it can be used on a desktop or laptop computer. Telegram is available as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OSX application and as web client which makes it available on any platform with a browser.


Many privacy aware users have resorted to Telegram recently, the application, developed by the Russian founders of Russia's largest social network,  uses heavy encryption and most of it is open source. The developers also promise that the application will remain free forever.  The free part is especially interesting, given the fact that Facebook has to make $42 per user to get a return in investment (19 billion / 450 million users).

There are several ways to use Telegram on your computer:

After installation, the apps ask for your mobile number again and send you a text message (SMS) to verify. If the SMS doesn't arrive there's also an option of being called. Once verified, all your messages and contacts will appear in the other app. The big obvious benefit is that you can now chat to others using your regular keyboard.

The application was installed more than 800,000 times yesterday and is on number one in the iTunes and Google Play stores in several countries.

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