Intel SSD roadmap leaks – reveals Temple Star SSDs and heatsinks

[Note: all sensitive information has been removed upon request of Intel

A leaked roadmap from Intel provides more information on Intel’s Fultondale and Pleasantdale SSDs and reveals the codename of a SSD series, the Temple Star SSDs. The latter is the codename for Intel’s Pro 2500 series of which some details already emerged.


The roadmap seems to be the follow up of a roadmap which was leaked a couple of months ago. We consider the Temple Star the most interesting fact of the roadmap. While the SSD Pro 2500 Series, as it will appear in stores emerged before, the codename was previously not seen before.

[removed per request]

Here are some additional images from the roadmap, showing all currently known Intel SSD code names along with how they’ll end up in stores and when. It also clearly shows Intel prefers 20 nm MLC NAND. The Fultondale SSDS use High Endurance Technology (HET) NAND which should provide SLC like endurance.


The Fultondale (DC P3700) and Pleasantdale (DC P3500) series are pretty good looking. Earlier today VR-Zone posted that Intel appears to have issues with the heat these drive generate. The top of the drives is likely kind of a heatsink.

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