Japanese company announces 2.5" SSD with 6TB capacity and 15 nm NAND

The Japanese company Fixstars has announced a 2.5" SSD with a capacity of 6TB. The company claims the SSD is the largest capacity 2.5" SSD currently available. The SSD should become available in July, the company hasn't disclosed any pricing information.



The SSD-6000M is a larger variant of the SSD-1000M and SSD-3000M. These SSDs, with capacities of respectively 1TB and 3TB, were released in February. Fixstars then also announced a 5TB drive that was planned for the first quarter of this year, the SSD-5000M, but the SSD-6000M now takes the place of that model. The SSDs are according to the manufacturer suitable for data centers, media producers and in medical devices that require a lot of storage.

The drive is 9.5mm thick and weighs 97 grams. The power consumption is 6W, when idling 3W. The SSD connects to the computer through a SATA-600 interface.

Fixstars specifies read speeds of up to 540MB/s while the maximum write speed is specified at 520MB/s. The SSD-6000M uses 15 nm  MLC NAND, while the SSD-1000M and SSD-3000M used 19nm NAND memory. Fixstars claims it has developed its own controller that should guarantee consistent performance.


The Fixstars SSDs come with a 3 year warranty. The drive can be ordered starting today and will then be shipped starting the end of July, price is on request. Fixstars only mentions the price of the SSD1000M, about of 98,000 yen ($820 / €720).

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