Lenovo laptops come with preinstalled advertisement injecting adware

Lenovo customers complain about the computer manufacturer preinstalling Superfish Adware on their laptops. Superfish hides in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and injects advertisements in websites. Superfish is active in the background by default on affected systems. It’s likely Lenovo installs the adware on its laptops for months already.

Users report Superfish is installed on the Lenovo Y50, Z40, Z50, G50 and Yoga 2 Pro laptops.  “Superfish – Powered by VisualSearch, as the adware’s full name is, is recognized by many antivirus scanners as malware. The adware injects advertisements on Google search results and on websites. The Google search results injected by the software are cleverly designed to fit into the search results to make them appear to look normal.


On websites the adware injects popups with similar products. The injected advertisements sometimes also interfere with the website causing pages not to render properly. The adware developers will likely receive a commission from each sale made through the advertisements and its turn paid Lenovo to be preinstalled on laptops.


The SuperFish software becomes active as soon as a brand Lenovo laptop is switched on. The process (visualdiscovery.exe) can be easily terminated from the Task Manager but can also be uninstalled from the folder with other pre-installed software. Also many malware scanners are able to detect and remove the Superfish adware.