Microsoft ends support of Office 2007 today

Microsoft today ended support for Office 2007. The office suite no longer receives bugfixes and vulnerabilities are no longer patched. Microsoft advises users to switch to one of its other Office suites, such as Office 365.


From the 31st of October this year, Office 2007 also no longer works with the mailbox of Office 365. Users of the cloud service can no longer send or receive mails with the Outlook 2007 client for security reasons from that date.

The end of support means the end of 'extended support'. During that type of support, Microsoft only releases bugfixes and security fixes and no longer add new features.

The successor of Office 2007, Office 2010, is still supported till 2020. Office 2013 is supported till 2023 and Office 2016 till 2025.


Microsoft advises users to switch to one of its newer Office versions, such as Office 365. Users who don't want to work in the cloud can pick a version that also works offline. In the second half of next year the software giant will release Office 2019.

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