Microsoft releases updates to fix issues with previously released security patches

Microsoft has released new Windows updates due to issues caused by security patches released earlier this month. These updates caused issues with Exchange, Lync and Skype, but users also reported problems with their DHCP settings and Blue Screens of Death (BSODs). Part of the problems were caused by Windows 10 security updates released on the 10th of July. The updates patched four vulnerabilities in the .NET Framework. For these vulnerabilities, Microsoft today released “Alternate Cumulative Update Packages”, which can be downloaded through the Microsoft Update Catalog, WSUS or by searching manually on Windows Update.

Windows 10 users that noticed issues after the installation of the updates released on the 10th of July, are advised to install the replacing updates.

There were also issues with the latest security patches designed to protect against Spectre, Meltdown and Lazy FP State Restore attacks. These issues have occurred on Windows 10 but also on other Windows versions for which these patches were released. Also, for these issues Microsoft has made “Alternate Cumulative Updates Packages” available.

Windows users who have no issues after installing the updates released on the 10th of July should not install the replacing updates, according to Microsoft.