Microsoft’s TouchDevelop makes it child’s play to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Microsoft’s TouchDevelop makes it easy for everyone to create apps that run on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Users report the site works so easy that even young children are able to create their first

TouchDevelop can be used in the browser and  provides an interactive environment for developing, testing and running apps.  The software was developed by Microsoft Research with the aim to explore how the future of software development might look like when the most commonly accessible computing devices are mobile devices.

TouchDevelop makes it possible to build an app by combining building blocks by nothing more than using a touch interface / mouse. Users that want to go a bit more indepth can also opt to go to Expert mode to edit code that is written in the TouchDevelop scripting language.

TouchDevelop runs in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook or Android and doesn’t require any installation.

If you want to make you first apps, then head over to the Microsoft TouchDevelop website.