Nero 2016 Platinum and Stashimi give-away, share your memories and win!

Maybe you remember when this site was called CDFreaks. Maybe you remember the first CD burner you got, they were expensive first and usually came with software. A popular application back in those days was Nero Burning ROM. Now, we’re 20 years ahead (phun intended) and Nero is still with us. Both the software and company have grown a lot and Nero Burning ROM is still there.


Nero celebrates its 20th anniversary and has given us the opportunity to give away 5 keys of Nero 2016 Platinum (MSRP $129.99) and 5 keys for Stashimi (MSRP $29.99).

What we would like in return is a memory of the first time you used Nero. Was it the first audio CD you burned for your girlfriend? Or did you burn pictures for your newborn?

Let us know and win!

Post entries below in the comments, the best entries posted before the 5th of January 2016 each win a key of Nero 2016 Platinum and a key for Stashimi! A Nero representative will select the winners, together with us.


  • Nero and Myce staff can’t enter in this contest
  • Post at least 200 characters
  • You’re allowed to post multiple memories, but can only win once
  • You’ll win both a Nero 2016 Platinum license key and Stashimi license key
  • A winner will be selected after the 5th of January 2016 by Nero and Myce
  • This thread can only be used to post contest entries. Off topic replies will be removed and should be posted on the forum in a new thread.
  • Nero will post the winning stories also their Facebook, with a link to this thread, you don’t need a Facebook account

About Nero 2016 Platinum

Nero 2016 Platinum provides you with a proven and comprehensive power package of additional new features for burning, copying, creating, editing, playing, streaming, ripping, and converting
your multimedia files – with top-quality results on virtually any device!

About Stashimi

Stashimi is your portal to the music world: Play songs of your favorite artists and discover new tunes with access to over 100,000 radio stations and thousands of free music videos, concerts and specials. Automatically record your favorite songs or entire albums as free MP3s.