Nintendo DS2 gets CPU update to prevent hacks

An FCC filing reveals Nintendo has changed the CPU of the Nintendo 2DS to improve the security of the device. The change is most likely to prevent installation of illegal / homebrew software.

The filing talks about the Nintendo FTR-001 which is the Nintendo 2DS as this page on the Nintendo website reveals. In the filing Nintendo reports, "The difference between FTR-001 and FTR-001(-01) is from CPU with a different security function of the initial program loader that is installed in each model ."

The company also adds that "There is no change in radio frequency, RF output power, radio frequency circuitry, Antenna, PCB and functional capabilities."

The handheld console was announced in August and released in October last year and is able to play games of the Nintendo 3DS, DS but doesn't feature 3D compatibilities. The 2DS also shares a lot of hardware with the 3DS, it has the same CPU, GPU, memory and battery. And while we couldn't find any specifics hacks for the 2DS, there are ways to get pirated software on the 3DS.

This new CPU should likely make hacking the 2DS a bit harder again.

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