Now DVDFab doesn't decrypt anymore: The alternatives

Since DVDFab appears to have removed DVD and Blu-ray decryption capabilities from their software, people are looking for alternatives, so here's  a list. DVDFab removed decryption functionality from their software as their was seized by the AACS-LA due to an injuction of an US court.


The same injunction can be used to order companies to stop doing business with DVDFab, including banks, hosting and payment providers. The AACS-LA is after DVDFab because the company offer(s)(ed) software that circumvents the copy protection on Blu-ray discs licensed by the AACS-LA.

Fortunately some companies haven't been sued by the AACS-LA yet or are nevertheless still capable to offer this kind of software for download and/or sale. Here's a list of software that's still available and is able to decrypt DVD and Blu-ray discs enabling you to make backups of your favorite movies.

Disclaimer: We do not condone piracyCircumvention of copy protections might be illegal in your country. Only use this software to create backups of discs you own. 

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Slysoft AnyDVD HD

Slysoft is a well known name and has been in business for years. The company is located on the Caribbean island of Antigua which till now has been a safe haven against the American entertainment industry. Their AnyDVD HD software is easy to use and removes nearly every protection we know on DVD and Blu-ray discs. A 21 day free trial is available and the software costs € 63 (or €50.40/ $69 with the 20% discount) for 1 year of free updates. A lifetime license is available at € 119  (with discount €95.20 / $131).

Ideal DVD / Blu-ray Ripper

The Chinese company Ideal offers a free 10 day trial of their Blu-ray ripping software which normally sells at $59.95 and is currently available at $49.95. The company regularly updates their software to allow decryption of new movies. They also have a solution for decrypting DVD movies, which sells at $39.97 for a lifetime license.

SoThinkMedia DVD / Blu-ray Ripper

The Chinese company SoThinkMedia sells both a Blu-ray and DVD ripper. The Blu-ray ripper is $36.99 for a year or $46.99 for a lifetime license.  The DVD ripper sells at $26.99 for a year license or $36.99 for a lifetime.

PavTube DVD / Blu-ray Ripper

Also PavTube is a Chinese company, and has DVD and Blu-ray ripping software for sale. The DVD ripping software is currently sold at $35 and the Blu-ray ripping software sets you back $39.20. The company also offers several bundles which might save you some money if you're in the market for a full movie copy solution.

Digiarty WinX DVD and Blu-ray Ripper

Digiarty is a Chinese company that sells a lot of video conversion software. The company offers Blu-ray and DVD decryption software. Although the website states, product invalid for the Blu-ray decryption software, it seems to be still available but purchasing it seems to be impossible. Their DVD decryption software is still available and currently on sale at $39.99. The company also offers several bundles which might save you some money.

Magic Blu-ray Ripper

Magic offers Blu-ray ripping software for both Windows and Mac. A lifetime license is currently avavailable at $49.95, which saves you a whopping $70. (thanks for the tip zebadee!)

Leawo DVD / Blu-ray ripper

The company Leawo offers both DVD and Blu-ray ripping products for both Windows and Mac. They have a free trial and when that's done you can buy the Blu-ray ripper for $49.95 and their DVD ripper for $29.95, for both a year of free updates. A lifetime license is $99.95 for the Blu-ray ripper and $39.95 for the DVD ripper. If you buy the Blu-ray ripper, you'll get the DVD ripper for free.


MakeMVK is free to use and will deal with decryption of both DVDs and Blu-rays. The software won't be an one step solution for most users as it doesn't compress video. It will always repackage DVDs to MKV files. Blu-ray movies can be made into an uncompressed MKV file or ripped to the HDD.

DVD43 and DVDDecrypter

Both are free to use applications that can be used to decrypt DVDs, Blu-ray discs are not supported. You can get DVDDecrypter here and DVD43 here.

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