Nutanix Announces GreenLake And ProLiant Solutions

With the recent partnership of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Nutanix, the two companies announced the availability of hybrid cloud service offering, ProLiant DX, and GreenLake.

The partnership happened last April 2019. As HPE aims for global expansion with the help of Nutanix. The two can gain from this deal, especially Nutanix, as it can use a built-in AHV hypervisor. According to a press release from Nutanix, part of the agreement is for Nutanix’s channel partners to sell the HPE servers combined with the company’s Enterprise Cloud OS software.

HPE Senior Vice President Pradeep Kumar said, “Hybrid cloud today offers a strategic advantage for organizations by granting them the flexibility to store data where they want it, maintain the level of control they desire and scale workloads more efficiently, to provide the level of service their customers expect.”

Basically, the hybrid cloud services that HPE and Nutanix will offer customers better cloud capabilities to move their businesses forward. With the ever-changing landscape of data storage and systems. Some companies are left in the dark due to a lack of innovation. The ProLiant and GreenLake will ‘deliver greater agility, flexibility, control, and choice’ for customers, according to Kumar.

Nutanix and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partnership

Easy Solutions

Nutanix also notes that the new hybrid cloud solutions are ideal for companies who want to become leaders in their respective businesses. As this type of cloud system is ideal for the IT model, new solutions are easier to deploy.

In addition, businesses can focus more on applications and not worry about storage, as there is a reliable system in place.

As for HPE’s GreenLake solution, Nutanix says it is designed to ‘dramatically lowers total cost of ownership and accelerates time to value.’ What’s also best about this software is, customers only need to pay for the service they have used.

GreenLake also allows customers to design IT solutions in different technologies and consume these easily. This system also allows support to IT operations staff, lessen the burden to provision and increasing IT resources.

The two new hybrid cloud service is already available to 50 plus countries. As for GreenLake for Nutanix, the system will focus on simplifying customer deployments and private clouds.

HPE and Nutanix showcased the combined cloud services in Denmark, as part of the NEXT Conference on Oct. 8, 2019. HPE led the presentation and provide activities for customers and partners who attended the conference.

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