Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 has serious performance decreasing memory bug

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 owners complain that their graphic card’s performance decreases as soon as more than 3.5GB VRAM is in use. It’s unclear what causes the problem.


The issue is reported by users on several different technology forums. The GeForce GTX 970 has 4 GB of VRAM onboard but according to the complaining users, it can’t be fully utilized. As soon as the last 500 MB VRAM is used, the performance in games decreases.

Benchmarks collected by ExtremeTech clearly show how the performance of the card decreases as soon as the card uses more than 3.5GB VRAM. Similar benchmarks on the GTX 980 show the problem don’t exist on that card. The memory bug seems to be isolated to the 970 model, however it isn’t clear whether all cards are affected or that it is limited to a certain batch.

What causes the memory bug is unclear. Nvidia has stated it will investigate the bug, but it’s unclear whether and when the issue will be fixed.