OCZ to honor all product warranties

An official statement from an OCZ employee learns us the company will honor product warranties. Last week OCZ announced it would file for bankruptcy and would possibly sell its assets to Toshiba. The news resulted in users around the web to fear for losing their warranty of their OCZ SSDs.


Threads on the OCZ forums were closed by a support employee with the message, “Until more official guidelines come from the office, we can’t comment on any of this. When I have this information, I will allow conversation about it, but until then any threads about this will be closed.  I am sorry and thank you for your understanding.”

Fortunately later that day the official statement from the office was posted on the forums stating,  “With the recent news OCZ wants to reassure all our valued customers that the Company is honoring all product warranties. If any customers require support they are encouraged to contact our customer support and forum support teams who will be more than happy to assist.”

Slightly after OCZ’s first announcement last week, we reported Seagate might compete with Toshiba on acquiring OCZ’s assets. It’s unclear whether Toshiba or Seagate will eventually become responsible for honoring warranties after they acquire OCZ’s assets.