PS3 firmware upgrade? No problem! Use PS Downgrade USB key

It was only a matter of time before someone came out with a product that allows PS3 homebrew enthusiasts to get around Sony’s disabling firmware upgrades. It looks like that time has come.

The makers of PS Jailbreak have just announced a new USB key product, PS Downgrade, which promises to roll back the console to an earlier version to allow the Jailbreak key to function again.

From the official PS Downgrade website:

“The wait is finally over! New users above 3.41 fw its time to join in on the fun. Thanks to PS Downgrade, PS Jailbreak is now available for all 44 million users.

PS Downgrade is a software add on that connects with your existing PS Jailbreak device. In 1 minute or less you can downgrade your consoles firmware to any previous firmware.

Simple to install; just plug PS Jailbreak into your pc and follow the gui to install PS Downgrade. Works with all past, present and future firmwares!

Turn back your console to 3.41 to jailbreak with the worlds original PS Jailbreak, or even go as far back as 3.12 to enjoy Other OS (yes LINUX is back). Completely safe to use, and does not void your warranty. PS Downgrade is completely undetectable by manufacturer, there is no history or log of your downgrade.

Please note: PS Downgrade is ONLY compatible with original PS Jailbreak, no clones or inferior USB dongles.”

Of course, the ability to roll back your PS3 firmware is going to come at a price until someone figures out an open-source solution. Currently, the PS Downgrade is listed at $40 and is only good for one-time use. Plus, if you don’t own the PS Jailbreak yet, the combo pack will set you back $125. The Jailbreak by itself is $100, so they are offering a bit of a discount for both.

There isn’t much information out about this yet, but the guys over at Dukio posted a video this morning which claims to show the PS Downgrade in action. Despite this, I continue to be a bit wary. I’d like to hear some actual stories from everyday users before I would try it on my own console. And Sony could very well launch some sort of counter-strike within days to somehow detect the use of the device, so I don’t quite buy the companies claim that it will work with all future firmwares.

If you do decide to try out the device, proceed with caution, and let us know about your experience.