RealNetworks introduces video sharing cloud – with SurePlay

RealNetworks, best known for their Realplayer software, today introduced a cloud service that allows video sharing. Users receive 2 GB free storage, those who need more have the option to get a paid subscription.


The service is called RealPlayer Cloud and RealNetworks states it’s designed to easily share videos amongst friends. It’s first introduced in the United States and Canada but more countries will follow. Videos uploaded to the service are automatically transformed, according to RealNetworks for the highest quality experience for every device or screen size. To allow easy access to the service there are apps available for iOS, Android, PC and Roku TV player, videos can also be accessed using a browser.

RealNetworks claims it has developed a revolutionary technology that enables seamless auto-formatting of videos to fit the device type, size of screen, available bandwidth and storage space available on the device and calls this SurePlay. On its website the company explains the technology,  videos are compressed in different formats before the upload, then transferred to the cloud. Only the size of the original file will be deducted from the storage quota.

When an user requests the video, the system determines which video to stream over HTTP Live Streaming, however it’s also possible to download the file with progressive downloading. Progressive download means that the file can be played during the download. By subscribing to a paid plan you can get more storage capacity, higher bandwidth and more video quality formats.

Paid plans are available from $4.99 a month where you get an additional 25 GB. For $9.99 the storage capacity is increased to 100 GB and 300 GB storage is available at $29.99.

Note: If you’re not in the United States or Canada but want to try it out, Hola unblocker works well.