Ring Launches New Virtual Security Guard Service And Package Alert System

Ring unveiled its most recent security service called Virtual Security Guard and a smart alert system called Package Alert. This year, Amazon's annual devices and services showcase include Ring, and it features several innovative updates.

Virtual Security Guard is a paid subscription product that allows professional agents in the monitoring company to respond and take action for users on precise motion alerts on any outdoor Ring camera installed and activated.

To use the security service worth $99 a month, the customer needs a Ring Alarm security system and a Ring Protect Plus membership costing $20 monthly.

Ring Launches New Virtual Security Guard Service

It will operate with all Ring's outdoor wired cameras, such as the Stick-up Cam, Spotlight Cam, floodlight cameras, and doorbell.

Via the Ring app, users select which cameras are viewed. When Ring Alarm is activated, and the camera detects any motion, the monitoring agency is notified and reacts depending on what it observes.

The agent will create a response based on a set of rules and user preferences. Capabilities like the camera's two-way communication to talk with visitors, activate the alarm siren, or contact emergency assistance may be used.

A live video feed is only accessible by the monitoring agency if motion is detected and the Ring Alarm is on. Security agents are unable to see the camera view while the alarm is off and save or share footage.

Because of privacy issues, users can only activate outdoor cameras at the service debut. If they try to install an indoor camera, the monitoring agency is expected to turn it off until set outdoors.

Every video examined by a person will get a tag in the Ring app. The security service will be provided by Rapid Response, the professional monitoring firm that Ring Alarm contracts. However, according to Ring, it will open to other operators at cheaper costs in the future.

Virtual Security Guard is now ready for early access to interested customers in the United States.

In addition, Package Alerts, a new smart alert, has been introduced. It allows users to designate an area and receive alerts whenever a package is spotted in that range.

Users could set the service to monitor the entrance or doorway, for example, and receive an alert if something from Amazon or other brands arrive there.

The Package Alerts service will already be offered for those people who have a Ring Protect Plan and a Ring Video Doorbell device.

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