Samsung adds Self Encryption feature to Samsung 840 EVO SSDs

Samsung today announced a new security solution for the 840 EVO SSD, Samsung’s SSD Self-Encrypting Drive (SED).  The new feature is now shipping on the recently announced Samsung 840 EVO mSATA drive and can be enabled through a firmware update for the 840 EVO SSD SATA drive, launched last August. The Samsung SSD SED solution is enabled via Samsung Magician 4.3 software


The new features are designed to meet security requirements for enterprise applications and are compliant with TCG Opal and IEEE 1667 standards.

Samsung’s 840 EVO line now offers three security types: Class 0, TCG Opal, and Encrypted Drive (eDrive). While all Samsung’s SSD solutions have Class 0 encryption, enabled with a BIOS password, the new update for the 840 EVO line allows 3rd parties to enhance the security management of the drives, for example, allowing for centralized management and deployment.

The update also adds compatibility with Microsoft eDrive security on Windows 8 and above.


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