Samsung forces Microsoft apps on Galaxy S6 (Edge) phones with update

An update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge adds Microsoft Office apps to the smartphone without the user’s consent. Phone owners were unable to opt out of downloading the apps and were surprised to find new apps installed after the update.


The Android versions of Powerpoint, OneNote, Word and Excel were automatically installed with the update for the Samsung flagship phones. Users complain that the update information did not contain any information on the installation of additional apps while it was a 200MB download. Besides the extra download time and bandwidth, the apps also take up storage space on the phone, that for users is rather occupied by data of their own choice.

Samsung frequently releases updates for its smartphones that include security patches, new features and Android upgrades.  The update appears to be a new era in the cooperation between Samsung and Microsoft.  The companies previously announced that Microsoft apps would be pre-installed on Samsung phones.