Samsung patent reveals smartphone with curved bottom and top

Samsung Display has been granted a patent for a display that’s curved on the bottom and top of a smartphone. Phone manufacturers currently investigate many new smartphone designs requiring flexible displays. Samsung already released the Samsung Galaxy Edge, a phone of which the side of the phone is also part of the display.


The now proposed mobile phone design appears to resemble the Galaxy Galaxy Edge but instead of the side, the bottom and top are curved.  On the patent images the top, main and bottom appear to be separate displays.But it’s more likely it’s a single curved display. When seen from the side, the phone has a form that might not be go easily in your pocket. Unfortunately the patent doesn’t tell us anything about the used material nor does it reveal any other details.

Curved screens are currently hot, several other patents have already revealed phone manufacturers are working on new display forms. It seems to be another way of differentiating in the highly competitive smartphone market.

Thanks for the tip Bav0!