‘Toshiba considering to buy OCZ consumer SSD business’

According to a rumor Toshiba is looking to purchase OCZ’s consumer SSD business. The website TweakTown reports that undisclosed sources have informed them about the possible purchase. At the moment OCZ is struggling with their financial situation. The company was about to be delisted from the NASDAQ because it had trouble to post its financial results.


Fortunately it posted them last week but from the numbers it’s easy to conclude that OCZ’s financial situation remains worrisome. Due to the continuing news about the financial situation, flash  memory suppliers are not keen on supplying the company with NAND in fear of not getting paid. It seems that’s especially OCZ’s consumer SSD business is the weak spot, the company reported it sees growth in the enterprise SSD business.

All these facts contribute to the idea that a possible purchase might be a good move for both companies. Toshiba gets the knowhow and technology from OCZ’s business and OCZ gets a solid manufacturer of flash memory on its side. Besides that, OCZ could really use the money which it can use to strengthen it’s enterprise proposition.

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