WZOR: Upgrade from Windows 8 to 9 won’t be free for everyone – Windows 7 users get cheap upgrade

 The Russian Microsoft leaker WZOR confirms that Window 9 will be free, but adds that it won’t be for everyone. The upgrade to Windows 9 will only be free for users who bought a full retail version of Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1). Those who had Windows 8 pre-installed on their newly bought computer will have to pay, according to WZOR. Windows 7 users should be able to upgrade to Windows 9 for a relative small fee.
Previously WZOR already stated that an upgrade to Windows 9 might not be free for everyone and mentioned that an upgrade might cost about $20. Based on WZOR’s previous statements it could be that Windows 8 OEM users will have to pay $20 to get Windows 9. WZOR today adds that Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade for $30.
Microsoft has planned a press event for tomorrow where Windows 9 will likely be official announced. It’s expected Microsoft will release a Technical Preview of their latest OS. Windows 9 will feature a new start menu that combines the traditional start menu with Metro style Live Tiles, the ability to run Metro applications in desktop windows

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