Anonymous wants more bill posting with 'Operation Paperstorm'

Anonymous isn't letting the recent string of global hacker arrests stall its perpetual struggle against perceived injustices. But just to be on the safe side, the group's new operation - dubbed "Paperstorm" - steers clear of law-breaking activities in favor of good old-fashioned bill posting.

"This August 13th, grab your mask and run," urges the group in a statement detailing the decidedly old-school protest. "Paperstorm" ignores the DDoS antics the group is known for and instead relies on spreading messages with an impressive volley of leaflets and bills.

Anonymous is asking supporters to "erect over 9,000 posters, banners, flags" over three days in a show of solidarity for myriad causes, including its Operation AntiSec and Free Topiary movements - the latter a recent effort dedicated to LulzSec spokesperson Jake Davis.

Davis, who was arrested last week in the Shetland Islands for suspected criminal cyber activity, is responsible for "many lulzy press releases" used by both Anonymous and LulzSec according to a Pastebin message. The final day of Paperstorm will be held on August 29th - a nod to Davis' scheduled court appearance one day later, says the group.

The apprehended hacker posted bail on Monday and was released into his mother's custody. The next time he makes the drive up to the London courthouse, however, Anonymous hopes to have "every route...plastered with posters" as a show of support.

The hacker collective elaborated that the operation is meant to be a "peaceful protest":

Obey all laws, do not destroy any property, and do not do anything that could give law enforcement a reason to arrest you. Comply with their demands and be sure to give citizens a positive image of anonymous. If possible, answer people's questions in a polite fashion. Distribute propaganda whenever possible.

With the launch of Paperstorm a little over a week away, expect more news on it soon.

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