Hacker theorizes Sony can be fooled into banning innocent PS3 users

Yesterday, Sony released a statement warning permanent bans would be handed down to players who used hacks or played pirated software on their PlayStation 3 consoles. And today, the company made good on its word, sending out emails to alleged jailbreakers informing them their PSN accounts have been suspended indefinitely.

However, one PS3 hacker speculates that Sony could accidentally target innocent users. A hacker could in theory, he claims, mislead Sony by substituting the info sent by their jailbroken console with another console’s info.

Credit: streeskaterfu.blogspot.com

SKFU blogged about this potential problem earlier today. He refused to go into detail (considering the trouble George Hotz is in who could blame him?), but opined, “What if some skiddies start to modify their sent traffic to appear as another user and use back-ups? The PSN servers would recognize the ToS violation and check the online user database for known connections based on the IDs. The user and his consoles who really owns the IDs would be banned.” The idea is that hackers could find a way around having their consoles banned by framing clean ones which would be banned instead.

“This should definitely be double-checked by Sony,” he suggested.

Sony declined to officially comment on this story. Instead, a PR representative for SCEA had this to say: “SCE will take necessary measures to those system that violates the ‘System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation®3 System’ and the ‘Terms of Services and User Agreement’ for the PlayStation Network. Investigations and actions are done in utmost care and are conservative in nature. You can find the license agreement and user agreement here.”