How Google's DMCA tactic helps, anti-piracy flaw

With the recent leaks of Windows 8 on torrent sites and the appearance of several ways to activate Microsoft's latest operating system, also the anti-piracy efforts of Microsoft seem to be increased. Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Google allows copyright owners to complain about content on other websites and will automatically remove  URLs containing that content  from the search result pages. The owner of the site that is complained about is informed and then able to file a counter complaint or remove the content and inform the copyright holder about it.


Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft is currently using automated processes that target common words. We received complaints on this, this and this , all stories that report on the current efforts pirates make, but do not include any information on how to pirate Windows 8 (which we would never allow). Even worse, one news story is only an announcement of AMD drivers for Windows 8. It seems we aren't the only one, some other sites are also complaining that Microsoft is filing complaints against them.

We hope that Microsoft will also decide to put us on a white list as it seems to do for other sites and we'd like to give Google a tip. On Microsoft's own search engine the results are still there, so users will receive better results there, isn't that unfair competition and shouldn't Google demand that if Microsoft complains it also blocks the URL's on its own search engine?

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