Netflix exec: Where we launch, Bittorrent traffic drops as Netflix grows

In an interview the Chief Content Officer of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, states that whenever Nexflix launches in a new territory, the Bittorrent traffic drops as the Netflix traffic grows. The CCO  said this in an interview with in which he also says that he thinks that people want a great experience.

And obviously when content is released but not available globally, people will revert to pirate sites. According to Sarandos most people are honest  and the best way to combat piracy is to give them good options to access content. He considers that a better solution than pursuing legal actions.  Sarandos also thinks that as the amount of content is growing, people expect to all content they want. As he states,"you can't use the internet as a marketing vehicle and then not as a delivery vehicle".

Currently many series are released in the United States but not become available globally. Many users around the world do want to follow those series and download them from pirate sites. Recently HBO's programming president stated that he considers this a compliment, but it's likely that content creators could earn more by making their content globally available.

The CCO of Netflix states in the interview that Netflix is working on global licensing but that it will take years before it's done. Netflix is currently available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America,  United Kingdom, Ireland and some Scandinavian countries.

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