App To Track Newborn Sleep Schedule

Taking care of newborn babies can stressful, especially as it requires your full focus and undivided attention. However, you still need to deal with other things, which makes it more difficult to keep track of your baby’s needs, including their sleep schedule. 

The best way to be on top of these things is by using a tracking app. With the right tools, you can keep up, not only with your baby’s sleep schedule, but also their feeding and bathing times, as well as their growth and developments.

If you are looking for the best newborn sleep schedule tracking application, you have come to the right place. Read on to know which app you should use to track your baby's sleeping patterns.

What’s the Best App to Track a Newborn's Sleep Schedule?

When it comes to getting on top of everything your newborn needs, your best bet is to download WebMD Baby. This application is designed to help parents make sure that their infant is getting enough rest, especially as they need frequent naps. 

WebMD Baby’s sleep tracker takes note of the times your baby sleeps but also where they are. This is important to make sure that your newborn gets used to a routine that can help them get accustomed to day-to-day life. You can also use this app to record your child’s development, making your very own portable scrapbook. You can attach photos and other relevant details as well. 

A great thing about this application is that it was created by WebMD, a comprehensive secondary resource for medical matters. This application also lets you access hundreds of newborn-related sources, so you can do your own research about what your infant needs.

The Runner-Ups

Those who want to explore more options might want to check out these worthy runner-ups. These applications are bound to be perfect for parents wanting to take better care of their child’s schedule. Check them out below.

Huckleberry: Baby & Child

Children have natural rhythms, which is means that their routine can tell you more about their needs. Keeping track of their sleep schedule will let you know their body’s rhythm, especially with the help of the experts at Huckleberry. This app is designed by sleep experts.

Baby Tracker – Feeding, Sleeping and Diaper

A comprehensive tracking app, Baby Tracker lets you address not only your child’s sleeping schedule but also their feeding and diaper routines. This app is great for keeping track of everything so you do not have to try to remember how much your baby has slept or how many diapers they are going through in a day.

Johnson’s® Bedtime™

Parents who use Johnson’s products might want to check out this app. It lets you create a bedtime routine for your newborn, from giving them a bath and massages to quiet times.  This app is also equipped with lullabies and ambient sounds, giving you more options to lull your infant to a restful slumber.

The Bottom Line

Making sure your child gets enough sleep is as important as feeding them. With the right sleep schedule tracking app, you can establish a routine for them, while taking into account their natural rhythm and other needs, combined with your very own touch and research. These apps making tracking your baby's routines easy! Try them out today!

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