NHS Mental Health Apps - Approved Mindfulness Apps to Download

Not feeling ok, is ok and you can get help with NHS Mental Health apps to wake up to a brighter day. You might not want to talk about it to anyone you know and that's normal. The stigma attached to mental health issues can make you want to stay quiet.

But, with technology, there are number of ways that have come up to address these issues. For example, today, we have apps that can help you with various mental health problems while keeping it all confidential. These apps are vetted to make sure you are safe.


The NHS does the vetting and testing of these apps so people can feel comfortable using them.  There are apps that help deal with self-esteem issues, panic, and more. Up next we're going to tell you about some of the approved mindfulness apps you can use.

NHS Mental Health Apps - Approved Mindfulness Apps to Download

Catch It

We all love free things, right? The first app on this list is one that comes in for free and it helps you manage your anxiety levels. Other than that, this app also helps you deal with depression on top of anxiety.


The major point where depression comes in that all your thoughts are negative, this app shows you how to change it to positive thoughts. Your mental health can hugely improve with just that one act of turning negatives to positive.

You can the app on both iOS and Android just in case you’re struggling with anxiety and have depressive states. The app record your mood and asks you to take a moment to reflect on what you’re thinking. Then have to change your thinking.

Calm Harm

Ever had the urge to harm yourself? Well, if that has happened to you before or continues to happen, this is the app that you should be using. The app is designed to help you resist the deep urge to harm yourself through a series of steps.


You can download the app both on iOS and Android –plus, the app is free of charge which can make it a favorite. You can also visit the calm harm website if you can’t download the app. The app is based on the principals of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

That is a therapy that has been used with great effect to treat people with mood disorders. You get tasks to distract yourself from the negative urges of self-harm. The app does this so that you can get help managing your emotional mind.

In DBT, if you’re pushed in the right positive direction, the urges to harm yourself can be averted. The distractions by tasks are mainly for distraction and keeping the mind occupied. As the old saying goes, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Beat Panic

Like the name of the app suggests, this one is about helping you deal with panic. A lot of times and for a number of people, panic attacks may occur and you may not know how to deal with the situation. The NHS has approved this app to help you beat the attacks.

NHS Mental Health Apps - Approved Mindfulness Apps to Download

You have to buy this app in order to use the services and it goes for around £0.99. You can only get the app on iOS, no Android version just yet. Here, you get a number of soothing flash messages that are designed to help you.

These messages help you deal with situations of panic attacks in a calm manner. Panic attacks are never calm in nature and can be embarrassing. The main focus of the soothing messages is so that you can focus on something else other than the attack.


While these apps have been tried and tested by NHS and can help you beat most of the mental situations you go through, you have to meet them halfway. You must do the tasks you are given or it won't help. You must be willing to help yourself to make it a success.

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