Discover These Apps To Track Your Instagram Followers

If you are an active user on Instagram, to share photography, or as a social media influencer, then the value of recording the activities of your followers would be priceless.

However, since Instagram has changed its policies, and removed the ability to track follower activity on your account, it has become somewhat challenging to manage.

It is a feature that has now only been made accessible to business accounts, but with Follower Analyzer, everyone can enjoy the benefits of tracking followers.


The Instagram Analyzer application allows you to do a lot of things that will help you improve the quality of your Instagram account, gain more followers, and optimize the performance of your posts.

You can analyze the statistics of your account to determine who has unfollowed you, who you have followed, and did not follow you in return, keep track of new followers and view your fans.

It will also allow you to gain insight on who always or never comments, likes, or views any of your posts. This can help you determine who are loyal supporters or who should get dumped.

You will also be able to view your most liked and commented on posts. This allows you to compare with the ones that went unnoticed. This will give you a guideline on what will prove more successful in the future.

The Instagram Analyzer application will also allow you to view people who are tagged in your post. You will also be able to analyze the accounts of followers or of those you follow to help you compare their success rate to your own.

Using the information about their most liked and successful content would give you insight on how to improve your own account.

General Tips

The application is easy to use, but care should be taken when viewing the information.

How you use it would be up to you, but since these apps do not comply with Instagram’s privacy policy, it would be advised to keep information to yourself.

The app posts a disclaimer that it is not affiliated with Instagram, for your own safety visit this article to read more about tracking apps that are not safe, and find out why.

Who It Is Suited For

This app can be used by anyone who wants to improve their Instagram popularity. The statistical analytics that the app offers will be of good use to marketing campaigns. And photographers looking to push the quality of their posts.

Even Instagram models and social media influencers could benefit from the information collected by the app.


The initial download is free. But the features of the app will be limited and make use of advertisements to make its profits.

You can also subscribe to the paid version of the app. But to gain access to this, you first need to install the free version.


  • Allows you to see all lost and new followers
  • Helps you analyze the statistical success of posts
  • Allows you to compare your account statistics with that of your followers
  • Provides detailed information on likes and comments
  • Easy to use with simplified actions


  • The app has had some bad reviews on the Play Store

How To Download and Use It

To download the free version, simply visit the Google Play Store. Search for Follower Analyzer under the apps directory. Once located, continue to the information page. From there, use the install option to begin the automated process.

While there, you can also view the required permissions and disclaimer posted by the app’s creators. For quick access, follow this link. Using the app is easy and simple.

You can easily identify all the options for all the functions. You simply have to click on each action to start an analysis. The information is gathered and displayed in an easy to understand interface.


In conclusion, managing an Instagram account can have its benefits.

If you become a social influencer, progress your photography or market a business venture, then having an Instagram account will provide you with valuable communication, feedback, and publicity you could benefit from.

Having an app to help you analyze the statistics of your account activity and the loyalty of your followers can be as useful.

With apps like Follower Analyzer, this feature is made readily available to anyone in need of such a service.

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