Consors Finanz Mastercard - Learn How to Request

Who doesn’t want a credit card that adapts to your personal needs? From buying clothes online to a travel shopping spree, a great credit card backs you up on everything.

Consors Finanz Mastercard is one such lucrative option that is compatible with your financial plans. The card is extremely affordable and works well with international transactions, making it a great choice for travel-benefit cards.

Consors Finanz also offers flexible payment options and online banking support to manage your card conveniently. If that makes your eyes twinkle, we’ve compiled this detailed article on Consors Finanz Mastercard and how to request one. Read on to learn more.

Consors Finanz Mastercard - Learn How to Request

Contactless Payments

You can make contactless payments while shopping using your Apple Pay or Google Pay app linked to your card. Using your Consors Finanz Mastercard, you can pay up to €50 to offline retailers without entering your ATM PIN, and small transactions are faster to process.

No Annual Fee

The biggest advantage is that the card comes with zero annual fees, so you can enjoy all perks without paying a penny. 

Wide ATM Network

Consors Finanz also gives you the flexibility of using your card at any ATM with Mastercard signs around the world. Moreover, you can track your credit balance on the go with the Consors Finanz Mobile Banking app.

Eligibility Criteria

There are no stringent eligibility criteria for Consors Finanz Mastercard. However, there are a few basic requirements you should meet. To start with, you must be 18 years of age or older and have a consistent source of income to make your monthly repayments. 

Additionally, you should have a fairly decent credit score (preferably above 650) to get approval and better interest rates. You will also require some important documents for account verification. 

First, you’ll need proof of address documents, like your mortgage agreement, or rental agreement. Next, you might be asked for proof of income, and proof of identity; you can use a Driving License or any Government approved ID.

How to Apply for the Mastercard

The credit card application is easy to fill and only takes about 5 minutes. Follow these simple steps to request a Consors Finanz Mastercard.

Visit the Consors Finanz official website and go to the credit cards section. Choose the Consors Finanz Mastercard and read all the details of the card.

Click "Apply Now" and fill in your details in the application form that pops up. The details include your name, address, income, contact information, etc. Once you submit the first section, you’ll be taken to the legal terms page. Read them carefully and proceed further if you agree.

The bank usually takes a few minutes to confirm your credit card application. Once approved, you’ll receive your PIN and card by post, which you can start using right from the moment of receipt.

Interest Rates and Fees

Consors Finanz Mastercards are one of the most affordable and low-cost credit card options out there. The company has set the following charges on it's credit card.

  • Interest Charges: The borrowing rate annually falls somewhere between 14.84% and 15.90% (for up to € 5000). The interest rates depend largely on your credit score and how much amount you’re borrowing with your card.
  • ATM Charges: The company charges no fee whatsoever in any location worldwide on ATM transactions of more than 300 €. Otherwise, a fee of € 3.95 per withdrawal is chargeable.
  • Annual Fee: Consors Finanz has no annual fee on its Mastercard.
  • Card Replacement Cost: About € 8.90

Contact Information

Consors Finanz Mastercard - Learn How to Request

You can contact any Consors Finanz employee by calling +49 203 34695402, and their mailing address is Schwanthalerstraße 31, 80336 München, Germany.


If your ideal credit card is the one that gives you maximum benefits at minimum cost, Consors Finanz Mastercard can be a great pick. You can use the card for everyday utility purchases as well as for financing any major project.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.

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