Arusoft removes AACS 2.1 copy protection with DeUHD release

Arusoft today released an update of its 4K / Ultra HD Blu-ray (UHD BD) ripping software, DeUHD. The update makes it possible to rip UHD BD movies protected with the latest AACS revision, AACS 2.1. This new version of the UHD BD copy protection has been designed to track the player that was used to rip/decrypt the movie.

AACS 2.1 was first discovered about a month ago, when all known UHD BD ripping tools choked on the movies Fury and Patriot. At that time it was unclear whether the developers of ripping tools like DeUHD, MakeMKV and AnyDVD could circumvent the AACS 2.1 protection and how long it would take them. Today, Arusoft is first to announce it has found a way to rip AACS 2.1 protected UHD BD movies.

It's the first time since Arusoft announced it cracked AACS 2.0 in October last year, that a new AACS version was found on UHD BD movies. We wondered what kind of functionality AACS 2.1 brings and asked Arusoft. In an email to us, the company explains, “Fury disc introduces an important change, the main movie file has a different name: it's extension is fmts instead of m2ts because it contains some extra info used by studios to track the player used for decryption.”

That additional information is likely to make it easier to find the source of pirated movies. Users who only make personal backups won't be bothered. Nevertheless, Arusoft has decided strip the information.

“To make it more user-friendly, DeUHD saves you the hustle to deal with this change, clears the garbage from the file and makes it back to m2ts,” the company explains, but also stresses that it does not condone or endorse video piracy in any way.

Because DVDFab uses Arusoft technology in their UHD BD ripping product, it's likely also DVDFab users will soon be able to make backups of AACS 2.1 protected movies.

All this comes with the release of DeUHD In the changelog, Arusoft mentions that users who plan to rip the UHD BD versions of Fury and Patriot should rip to ISO or HDD with the latest DeUHD version. The company hopes to make it possible to play it directly soon as well. The changelog further mentions the usual support for new movies and support for new versions of titles already supported.

Last but not least, to make it more attractive to buy DeUHD, Arusoft offers a 50% discount on the lifetime license, valid till the 24th of June.

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