Majority of Windows 10 computers send full diagnostic data back to Microsoft

The majority of Windows 10 computers with the Creators Update installed send full diagnostics data to Microsoft, according to a blog on the Microsoft website. Under pressure of several privacy watchdogs Microsoft decided to add new privacy setting screen to the installation process.

Users now have to confirm several privacy settings during the installation. This includes the diagnostic data that Windows 10 collects and sends to Microsoft. Previous Windows 10 versions used 3 different levels, which has been brought back to 2 levels with the Creators Update. These two are ‘Full’ and ‘Basic’. Microsoft has stated to use the collected diagnostic data to resolve issues and to improve its products.

When the ‘Basic’ level is set, Windows 10 will send device, connectivity and configuration data to Microsoft, and also limited error reports. When the full level is selected, the basic data is sent and also additional information about the device, connectivity and configuration, but also app and browser usage, fragments of hand typed text and more extensive error reports.

During the installation of the Creators Update users have to confirm which level they want to use on the privacy setting screen. The installation uses the previously chosen privacy settings but allows the user to change them.

Microsoft today announced that 71% of all Windows 10 computers with the Creators Update sends full diagnostic data to the company.

It’s not unlikely that this number is so high because the full level is enabled by default in case users never changed the privacy settings after the initial installation of Windows 10.