Netflix nabs exclusive TV horror series ‘Hemlock Grove’

First, it was a re-imagining of British drama “House of Cards.” Then, more episodes of the fan-favorite sitcom “Arrested Development.” Netflix’s next big exclusive is a little scary. Reports indicate that the streaming video giant will fund a 13-episode television horror series based on the upcoming horror novel “Hemlock Grove” by Brian McGreevy.

Movie news site Deadline learned that Eli Roth will direct and produce the Gaumont International Television project – a fine fit considering his past work on the gore-infused “Hostel” films and nauseating “Cabin Fever.”

No date yet on when the hour-long episodes will premiere, but McGreevy’s novel is slated for March 2012. According to the site, the author will tackle adaptation duty along with fellow writer Lee Shipman.

Netflix’s moves to attract – and keep – new subscribers started earlier this year when news broke it would fund a remake of British TV show “House of Cards,” starring Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey with David Fincher in the director’s chair. Last month, the company made plenty of people happy by nabbing a brand new season of the cancelled Fox comedy, “Arrested Development.” Previously, the show bounced from network to network, never finding a new home.

The decision to cater to traditional TV viewers and produce its own exclusive programming places Netflix in a unique position. Far from being its own network, the company could still face a backlash from competitors who just so happen to also be content sources. It seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Remember Qwikster?

Netflix has endured harsh criticism this year over a 60 percent price hike and disappearing content. Starz backed away from renegotiating its deal with the instant streamer in September, while Showtime pulled its content over the summer. With operating costs on the rise thanks to the company’s global expansion effort and potentially big losses predicted for 2012, it’s certainly taking a huge risk. (via Deadline)