Netflix releases new trailer for first original series, ‘Lilyhammer’

And now for something completely different from Netflix. Nearly one year after snatching up the rights to remake UK mini-series “House of Cards,” the company will debut its first original series, “Lilyhammer,” on February 6.


Just like the show’s main character Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano (played by Steven Van Zandt), an ex-mafioso who, after snitching on his boss, is relocated to Norway by the Witness Protection Program, Netflix is a fish out of water – a similarity likely not lost on the company as it prepares to enter a new era.

Netflix is prepping a few original series set to release exclusively for its instant streaming subscribers, including the aforementioned “House of Cards.” Starring Kevin Spacey with David Fincher in the director’s chair, the series is slated for later this year. The company is also delivering a new horror show called “Hemlock Grove,” based on a novel of the same name by Brian McGreevy. Last but not least, Netflix will bring back the Bluth family in new episodes of the gone-before-its-time sitcom “Arrested Development” next year.

Whether the first eight episodes of “Lilyhammer” help fill the gaps in Netflix’s streaming line-up and cement its status as a top-tier content maker is anyone’s guess. For now, we’ll just watch the “Lilyhammer” trailer and laugh at Van Zandt’s curious facial expressions. (via TechCrunch)


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