Waitec Jammin MP3 CD player


MP3 players have been on the market now for several years, but have never become really popular, probably because they had a limited amount of memory that could be upgraded with memory cards but at a high cost. The solution for this is the MP3 CD player that is both a Discman and a MP3 player. While it plays your normal audio CDs it has a build-in decoder to play your MP3 files that you have burned on a CD.

One of the big advantages is that you don’t have to convert downloaded MP3 files back to the audio CD format and another big advantage is that one MP3 CD can hold about 10 audio CDs.

When talking about MP3 we come soon to the legal part of it. At this moment the recording industry is trying hard to stop sharing MP3 files and it’s still not allowed to download copyrighted MP3s. Waitec has found a good solution for this, a Vitamic subscription. Vitaminic is an online music club that allows downloads of MP3s. With your Jammin, Waitec has shipped a card with an access code to this service, allowing you to download thousands of legal MP3 files.

The Player:

In this review we will be testing the Jammin, kindly provided to us by Waitec. The Jammin is a MP3/Audio CD player in the orange color like the known Apple Imac. It is Waitec’s low budget MP3 player and the street price is 97 EURO – Vat excluded. If you have been looking for a MP3/CD player you might have noticed that this a pretty low price and therefore we are going to try to tell you if this device is worth buying or if you should better should save your money to buy a more expensive device.


The Jammin comes in a good looking box that has the following contents:

  • Jammin (the device)
  • Re chargeable batteries (2)
  • Audio cable
  • AC/DC adapter
  • Earphones
  • Manual in several languages
  • Strap to carry the device

    One of the things you will immediately notice is the orange transparent color (Apple style) of the device, if looks are important to you then you will really need to like this device to buy i,t else you will be disappointed. If you like it or not is of course, personal. The earphones that come with it are very decent, they look solid and feel comfortable in your ears.