How To Make WhatsApp Black - Step By Step

Do you wonder how to make WhatsApp black or dark? Is it possible to do this easily? In this post, we will tell you what needs to be done to make Whatsapp black.


The fact is that this change is not just about the aesthetic of the application, no. The truth is that opting for dark mode, offers greater visual comfort to the user. In addition, it helps save battery, too.

Interestingly, this WhatsApp update had been most anticipated by users in the months leading up to the launch, which finally took place earlier this year. On Android, the change is possible from version 2.20.13 and on iPhone, it is available in iOS 13.


Here I'm going to explain more about night mode, or dark mode on WhatsApp and how you can change your settings. But first, let's question, why do it?


Is night mode worth it?

Before I show you the step by step process to make this color change, let's analyze some information from the experts. One of the opinions is from the programmer and language teacher, Ronaldo Prass.

For him, “the visual dark was attractive and really brings more visual comfort”. However, he cannot say whether the battery savings really exist. "It is still too early to assess the impact of battery savings, as it varies how much the app is used."

During the long process of WhatsApp working on dark mode, they did a number of iOS test versions for the iOS 13 software operating system. On the iPhone app, WhatsApp, along with many other apps, can now be viewed in pure black.

iPhone's dark mode is designed so that when you use the phone in low light, your eyes will not be stressed. It also puts a stop to those situations when your phone lights up the whole room as soon as you turn it on.

WhatsApp can also be viewed in dark mode on Android devices.

Steps to turn on dark mode

To make WhatsApp black, or change it to 'dark mode', consider following these steps, which are very simple. Enabling the function will only work if your operating system is up-to-date, okay? From there, these are the steps.

Android devices

  1. Download and open latest Whatsapp version
  2. Access settings
  3. Touch the chat option
  4. Go to theme
  5. Choose 'Dark' to turn on dark mode
  6. Choose 'System default' to enable WhatsApp dark mode to match your device settings.
  7. To change to dark mode on your device, go to device Settings - Display - turn Dark theme on or off

iOS devices

  1. Ensure you have iOS 13 installed
  2. Go to mobile device Settings
  3. Click on Display & Brightness
  4. Click on Dark
  5. This enables Dark mode on your entire phone
  6. Download and open latest WhatsApp version
  7. It will automatically show black

Note that WhatsApp on iOS does not have an independent dark mode that you can switch on and off within the app as Android has. It only works system-wide, so to view WhatsApp in black mode on iOS you must change the device settings as per the steps above.

WhatsApp updates

The last thing I'll mention about making WhatsApp black has to do with updating the app, which as we have already said, is fundamental. So, know that you can follow the guidelines of the app itself to do this.

Everything is in the FAQ, see an excerpt: “We recommend that you always use the latest version of Whatsapp to have access to new features and bug fixes. You can easily update your app through your device's app store. ”

Therefore, to update the app you simply need to open the app store [Google Play Store or App Store], search for Whatsapp and tap the update button.

What about older devices?

If your device is older and does not support app updates anymore, or you are having problems, know that you can choose another way to change the mode to dark mode.

On Android, this can be done through ADB (Android Debug Bridge), which is nothing more than a third party application. For example, Dark Mode is an app available on the Google Play Store, which was created for the purpose of enabling night mode for Android users.

Another option is to use System UI Tuner, which offers several useful features, such as the ability to switch between night and day mode. It is not the most recommended option, but an alternative that may be good for you.

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