Amazon Credit Card Perks And How to Sign Up

Yup, Amazon has even gotten into credit cards, so you can shop with an Amazon credit card on the site and get some major points. Of course, you don't have to be an avid Amazon user to use the credit card, it can be used for your real-life purchases too.

Since Amazon has a range of credit cards, you should think about what you need a credit card for. If you are a traveler, you might want a miles card. Or if you're just strictly about shopping till you drop, then the rewards card might be it. 

If you are yet to get a card of your own, you need to consider where you mostly make your transactions and then choose the card that matches. We've looked a little closer into Amazon's line of credit cards and the details are up next. 

Amazon Credit Card Application

What Are The Features Of An Amazon Credit Card?

When you check Amazon’s suite of credit cards, you will find that they have an offering for various categories including rewards, travel, cashback, and no annual fees. With these options, you can choose which one fits your lifestyle the best.

Frequent online shoppers might want to choose one that can maximize the rewards they receive for every transaction. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card and Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card both offer earnings for every and other purchases.

When you accumulate enough points, you can redeem your points for a wide variety of items on You can redeem your points no matter how much you have.

For frequent travelers, Amazon’s Discover it Miles is the perfect option. It offers unlimited 1.5x Miles, mile-for-mile matching and no blackout dates. It also protects you against risks in case of fraud and loss of your card.

What Are The Fees Of An Amazon Credit Card

Remember that being a cardholder means that you have responsibilities to pay for any agreed-upon rates and charges. This includes annual fees, interest rates, cash advance rates, and late payment penalties.

For Amazon’s rewards cards, there is no annual fee but the annual percentage rate (APR) for purchases is 15.24% to 23.24% while the cash advance APR is 25.99%. The late payment penalty is up to $39.

For Discover It Miles, the purchase APR is 13.49$ to 24.99% and the cash advance APR is 26.49%. Late payments will be charged a fee of $40. This card also does not have an annual fee. Keep in mind that rates and charges may vary per card.

Amazon Credit Card Perks

How to Get an Amazon Credit Card

Interested in getting a credit card from Amazon? You can easily apply by browsing their website using their online application process. Keep in mind that the company requires you to log into your Amazon account.

Just like in any other credit card company, you will need to provide essential financial and credit information such as your credit score, income, and expenses. You may submit pertinent documents such as recent payslips, latest bank statements, and credit reports.

You also need to present your proof of identity, address, and Social Security Number. You can submit a copy of your ID card and utility bills for this.

Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns about this offer, you can call 1-866-634-8379. You can also find Amazon's main address at 410 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109.


A credit card that fits your lifestyle gives you the best value for your money for every transaction. Amazon credit cards have just what you need. To know more, get in touch with the credit card company that issued the Amazon credit card.

For rewards cards, call 1-888-247-4080 and 1-800-346-5538. Check the issuing bank and its contact number before calling.

*Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.

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