Citi Custom Cash Credit Card – How to Apply, Benefits and Fees

If you are considering applying for the "Citi Custom Cash Credit Card", let us provide you with a direct and concise introduction about how to apply, the benefits it offers, and its associated fees. This card stands out for its personalized approach and attractive financial advantages.

Credit cards play a fundamental role in providing us with flexibility and convenience in our daily transactions. One of the standout options is the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card.

In this article, we will equip you with the necessary information to make informed decisions and make the most of the features of this card. Let's get straight to the point and explore everything you need to know about it.

What is the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card?

The Citi Custom Cash Credit Card is a financial product offered by Citibank. It is a credit card that allows you to make purchases and payments on credit at establishments that accept credit cards. What sets it apart is its focus on personalized rewards for the cardholder, as you can earn cash back for your daily purchases.

Each month, the card automatically reimburses a percentage of your purchases into your account based on the spending categories where you spent the most during that period. This allows you to earn greater benefits by spending in areas that best suit your needs and preferences.

The Citi Custom Cash Credit Card does not charge an annual fee, making it an attractive option for those who want to avoid additional charges. However, it is essential to be aware of the interest rates associated with credit payments, so it is recommended to make timely payments to avoid accumulated interest.

Exclusive Benefits for Citi Custom Cash Credit Cardholders

Cardholders of this Citibank product enjoy several exclusive benefits that make this card attractive and personalized to their financial needs. Here are some of these benefits:

  • ThankYou® Points Cash Back: The Citi Custom Cash Credit Card allows you to earn ThankYou® Points for your purchases. These points are a reward currency that you can redeem for statement credits, cash, or check (100 points equal $1), or a variety of other options such as travel and gift cards, providing you with flexibility and additional choices to utilize your earnings.
  • Up to 5% Cash Back: With the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card, you can earn up to 5% cash back (5 points per dollar) on the first $500 spent each month in eligible categories such as restaurants, gas stations, fitness clubs, and more, and 1% cash back (1 point per dollar) on all other purchases. This means you will receive a return on your daily purchases and gain more benefits by spending in areas that interest you.
  • $200 Initial Bonus: By becoming a holder of this special credit card and meeting the $1,500 spending requirement in the first 6 months, you can receive an initial bonus of 20,000 ThankYou® Points (equivalent to $200). This bonus provides an additional incentive to make the most of your card from the beginning.
  • Connected to the Official App: The credit card is connected to Citibank's official app, allowing you to manage your finances conveniently and have complete control over your transactions and rewards. You can track your expenses, view your balance, and check your rewards easily and quickly through the app.
  • Digital Wallets: The Citi Custom Cash Credit Card is compatible with digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This allows you to make quick and secure payments using your mobile device at places that accept contactless payments.

Fees and Charges

This card has no annual fee and does not charge foreign transaction fees.

The card has a variable APR of 18.99% - 28.99%, with a 0% introductory period for the first 15 months. The APR is 18.99% - 28.99% for Citi Flex Plan users.

Cash advance interest is 29.99%. There are late payment fees and penalties of 29.99%. A balance transfer fee of 5% applies.

How to Apply

Here are the steps to apply for the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card:

Step 1: Research and Requirements

  • Before applying for the card, research the benefits and associated conditions.
  • Ensure you meet the minimum requirements to apply for the card, which generally include being of legal age, having a strong credit history, and meeting the minimum income requirements set by the issuing bank.

Step 2: Access Citibank's Website

Step 3: Fill Out the Application Form

  • Complete the online application form by providing the requested information, which typically includes your personal details, financial information, employment, and other relevant details.

Step 4: Identity and Data Verification

  • You may be asked to provide documents to verify your identity, such as a copy of your official identification, passport, or driver's license, as well as proof of income.

Step 5: Application Review

  • Once you have submitted the application, the bank will review the provided information and assess your eligibility for the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card.

Step 6: Approval and Card Receipt

  • If your application is approved, you will receive the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card at the address provided in the application form.

Step 7: Card Activation

  • Before using the card, it needs to be activated following the instructions provided by Citibank. Typically, this can be done through the mobile app or by phone.

Comparison With Other Options Available in the Market

The Citi Custom Cash Credit Card stands out in the U.S. market for its personalized rewards and up to 5% cash back in specific spending categories. However, it is essential to consider how it compares to other options available in the market to make an informed decision. Let's see some comparisons with concrete examples:

Citi Custom Cash vs. Chase Freedom Unlimited:

  • Both cards offer cash-back rewards for purchases, but the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card can provide up to 5% cash back in rotating categories, while Chase Freedom Unlimited offers a fixed 1.5% cash back on all purchases.
  • The Citi Custom Cash Credit Card may be more attractive if your spending aligns with certain categories offering a high cash back percentage, while Chase Freedom Unlimited offers a fixed percentage across all purchases.

Citi Custom Cash vs. American Express Blue Cash Preferred:

  • The American Express Blue Cash Preferred offers 6% cash back at supermarkets (up to a certain annual limit) and 6% cash back on select streaming services, which can be an appealing option if you spend a significant amount in these areas.
  • However, the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card may offer more flexibility as it allows you to earn rewards in various categories based on your monthly spending.

Citi Custom Cash vs. Discover it Cash Back:

  • Discover it Cash Back offers a rotating cash back scheme with 5% cash back in different categories each quarter.
  • The Citi Custom Cash Credit Card may be more straightforward to manage as it does not require tracking changing categories, and its cash-back structure may better align with your spending habits.

In conclusion, the Citi Custom Cash Credit Card offers a personalized approach and up to 5% cash back in rotating spending categories, making it an attractive option for those seeking rewards tailored to their needs. 

However, when comparing it to other options like Chase Freedom Unlimited, American Express Blue Cash Preferred, and Discover it Cash Back, it is essential to consider your spending patterns and preferences to choose the card that best fits your financial needs.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-396-9665 

Address: 388 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, United States


If you are looking for a credit card that provides personalized benefits and a convenient financial experience, Citi Custom Cash could be an option to consider.

The flexibility of earning ThankYou® Points and the convenience of using digital wallets offer additional choices to redeem your rewards and make quick and secure payments.

However, it is always advisable to review the terms and conditions and compare it with other available options to ensure that it perfectly fits your needs and allows you to make the most of its features and advantages.

Disclaimer: There are risks associated with applying for and using credit products. Be sure to review the bank's terms and conditions before accepting anything.

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