Tesco Bank Launches The Clubcard Plus Credit Card

UK consumers are reliant on their credit cards when making purchases and paying for different services locally and abroad. Be it everyday expenses, a one-time large purchase, or travel, having a credit card with generous perks and benefits is becoming essential these days.

Tesco Bank is introducing another game-changer in the credit card market with the Clubcard Plus Credit Card. So, what’s in it for cardholders? Aside from the 0% foreign exchange fees and low annual rate, cardholders can also enjoy perks of the Clubcard Plus membership.

If you've been thinking about getting a credit card but not sure which one to choose out of the numerous options, read on as we go into detail about the Tesco Bank Clubcard Plus Credit Card. We'll cover the features, benefits, fees, and application process.

Tesco Bank Clubcard Plus Credit Card

Offers and Features of the Card

For people who shop frequently, this credit card is a good choice. For every use of the card, cardholders can earn points and even access 10% off on selected brands and regular grocery shopping. The 10% discount applies to all food, drinks, alcohol, household, and pet purchases. For general merchandise, the discount is only applicable for Tesco brands.

For every minimum of £4 spent using the card, you can collect 1 Clubcard point. Meanwhile, for purchases outside Tesco, a minimum purchase transaction of £8 is needed to collect 1 Clubcard point.

Another reason to go for the Clubcard Plus Credit Card is the No Foreign Exchange fees. If you are travelling frequently for work or leisure, there’s no need to worry about the additional charges that come with using the credit card abroad.

How Does Tesco Bank Compare to Other Banks

Tesco Bank offers an impressive range of credit cards available for every type of consumer. Aside from the low APR, cardholders can enjoy access to the Clubcard Plus subscription and enjoy a bunch of promotions.

Additionally, Tesco Bank also has a mobile app so cardholders can easily track transactions and make several actions like money transfers online.

Clubcard Plus Credit Card Application and Requirements

To qualify as a cardholder, applicants need to be a subscriber of the Clubcard Plus, at least 18 years of age, employed and earning a minimum annual income of £5,000.

To increase the chances of getting approved for the credit card, applicants must have a good credit history and not have other Tesco Bank credit cards. Additional requirements include residing in the UK with a British Forces Post Office address.

To apply for the Clubcard Plus Credit Card, applicants need to register on the Tesco Bank website and provide personal and employment details. Applicants can also contact Tesco Bank on 0345-300-4278 or 0345-671-0676 for credit card applications and inquiries.

The bank may also request paperwork to verify the provided information. Documents supporting your annual income will be needed as well as a bank account number and sort code, and address history for the last three years.

Fees and Charges Involved

Tesco Bank will soon release the complete table of fees and charges of the Clubcard Plus Credit Card. In the meantime, the things you can expect are a representative APR of 37.7% variable and £7.99 monthly Clubcard Plus subscription.

Final Notes

If you are a frequent shopper and someone who loves to travel, you can take advantage of the Clubcard Plus Credit Card to save money on groceries and exchange rate fees. This credit card provides a handful of benefits including the Clubcard Plus points and discounts for every purchase. For a minimum purchase of £4, you can already earn points and redeem for more discounts.

*Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the banks terms and conditions page for more information.

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