BOC Express Cash Instalment Loan - How To Borrow Money Straight Away

With the widespread pandemic affecting a greater part of the population economically, the Bank of China has launched the Relief Loan. The Bank of China has designed the use of a new product that is intent on relieving the personal panic of those affected by providing financial support. The service is extended to and aimed at customers in the retail, tourism, transportation, entertainment, hotel, and catering industries.

Terms and conditions will still apply, so make sure that you understand the disclaimers before applying. Applications are only completed for valid customers who qualify for a loan, and it is advised that you should only apply if you can make the repayments.

There are plenty of means by which you can apply for the service. Take a look below to find out how to apply and read the terms and conditions section to find out if you qualify for the service.


The service will provide access to a personal loan of anything between HK$500 to HK$30,000, determined by the needs and credit evaluation of the applicant. The service extends a repayment period of up to 24 months. It has a flat rate interest of 0.2% and a rejection of application fees.

The annual interest rate for these loans could range between 4.16% to 4.64%. You can get loan approval in as little as a minute. In addition, the money is immediately available in your Bank of China account.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply directly relative to the Bank of China Express Cash Relief Loan, as issued by the Bank of China. Normal conditions of service will still apply.

The BOC Express Cash Relief Loan is bound by all remarks, terms, and conditions described under the BOC Express Cash Instalment Loan agreements.

The maximum loan amount determined under the clause of the Relief Loan will be HK$ 30,000. The Bank of China Hong Kong will determine the approved loan amount of each applicant on the basis of his/her credit rating and other relative factors, including and not limited to monthly salary earned.

Annual Percentage Rate

The Hong Kong Association of Banks prescribes the guidelines of the Annualized Percentage Rate (APR). The APR is a reference rate that includes the basic interest rate and other fees of a product expressed as an annualized rate. The credit rating of each applicant must fulfill the requirements of the Bank of China.

The approved APR will vary on the basis of each individual’s application factors, which is subject to the person’s credit rating, the amount loaned, and repayment tenor. Approval of the loan amount, APR, and repayment tenor are all subject to the final decision of BOCHK.

Customers applying for a Relief Loan with these methods are entitled to a handling fee waver. Additionally, you must drawdown the loan on or before the 31st July 2020

  • BOCHK website
  • Branches
  • Mobile banking
  • E-banking

The handling fee waiver is only applicable for applicants of the Relief Loan. It does not apply for Express Cash Instalment Loan/ Express Cash Instalment Loan Balance Transfer.

Bank of China Hong Kong retains the right to require applicants to supply additional supporting documents.

After completing an identity verification and submitting an application, you can enjoy instant approval, within thirty seconds, and loan services. The time required for approval is subject to network speed. Additionally, it is adjusts it to fit actual circumstances.

How To Apply

Applying for a Relief Loan is quick, simple, and easy. You can access any of the following mediums and fill in the presented form. Or if using the hotline, you must provide the respondent with all the information they require.

You can submit online applications on their website application.

Follow the provided link for direct access to the primary form.

You can also visit the physical branch of any Bank of China to apply in person.
First-time customers or those who have an account younger than three months, must apply at a branch. To locate a branch, feel free to visit their website branch locator.

You can also access their WeChat account or their mobile app. You can download the app here.

Contact Information

BOC Express Cash Customer Service Hotline: +852 2108 3611

The Hotline will be open from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM Mondays to Fridays. You can also call 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM on Saturdays, excluding public holidays.

Note: There are certain risks involved when you apply for a bank loan. See the bank’s terms and conditions if you need more information.

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